Summer Hair Color Trends: Brighten Up Your Look

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As the temperature continues to climb, it’s the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your look and embrace the lively essence of the season. And what better way to achieve this than by exploring thrilling hair color trends that can instantly uplift your appearance?

Whether you find yourself lounging on the sunny beaches of Florida or savoring the summer breeze elsewhere, these fashionable hair colors are guaranteed to make a striking statement and captivate attention wherever you venture:

Sun-Kissed Blonde

Blonde is a perennial favorite for summer, and this year is no exception. However, instead of the traditional platinum blonde, try opting for a sun-kissed blonde look that mimics the natural highlights created by the sun. This warm, golden hue will give you a radiant and beachy vibe, perfect for enjoying Florida’s sunny weather.

Pastel Hues

Pastel hair colors were the hottest trend in the spring, and they have yet to stop being trendy even into the summer. Whether you go for soft pinks and lilacs to baby blues and mint greens, pastel hues allow you to express your playful side while adding a touch of whimsy and innocence to your look. These colors work particularly well for highlighting a fun and carefree summer style.

Coral Accents

If you want to incorporate a tropical touch into your summer hair color, consider adding coral accents to your locks. Coral is a vibrant blend of orange and pink that exudes warmth and energy. Whether you opt for a few subtle coral streaks or a full head of coral highlights, this trendy color will give your hair a fresh and exotic look. You can also try some quality hair styling products and nail that perfect summer look.

Balayage with Bright Pops

Balayage remains a popular hair coloring technique; this summer, it’s all about adding bright pops of color to create a dynamic effect. For example, you can blend a sun-kissed base with vibrant streaks of magenta, turquoise, or electric yellow. This combination of natural and bold hues will give your hair dimension and create a striking visual impact, perfect for summer days and nights.

Honey Brown

For those who prefer a more subtle and refined appearance, the honey-brown shade stands as an exceptional choice. With its warm and opulent tones, this color beautifully complements a wide range of skin tones while infusing your hair with depth and luster. Its versatility allows for effortless customization to suit your personal preferences. Whether you lean towards a darker honey brown or a lighter caramel hue, this exquisite hair color effortlessly infuses elegance into your summer style.

Icy Platinum

If you’re looking for a hair color that screams cool and chic, consider going for an icy platinum shade. This ultra-light and silvery blonde color creates a striking and sophisticated look. Icy platinum is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.

Fiery Red

Elevate your style with a vibrant red hair color, exuding a fiery and passionate aura. Red has an inherent boldness and eye-catching allure that remain timeless. Whether you choose a deep burgundy, a luxurious copper tone, or a bright cherry red, there’s a shade to perfectly complement every skin tone and personality. Embracing this captivating color is sure to turn heads and infuse your summer look with a touch of dramatic flair.

These summer hair color trends will help you brighten your look and make a fashion statement. Visit Splash Salon Aveda and let our professionals work their magic to give you a stunning and refreshing summer hair color transformation. Book your appointment today and experience the best in hair care and styling.