10 Simple Ways To Repair Damaged Hair

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Whether it’s pollution, dust, sun damage, aggressive brushing, heat styling, improper washing, or harsh chemical treatments, there are several reasons why healthy hair can get damaged. If you’ve noticed signs of damaged hair like increased breakage, split ends, rough or straw-like texture, or stubborn frizz, here are some tips you can follow to restore your hair’s natural glow.

Start with a Trim to Remove Split Ends

Trimming is the best way to deal with split ends. No matter what your new miracle mask or hair treatment claims—the only way to fix ‘em is to cut ‘em! With just a simple trim, you’ll be able to see results faster and notice an instant improvement in the overall thickness, health, and texture of your hair.

Deep Condition Weekly to Hydrate Damaged Hair

If you see signs of dryness and damage, deep conditioning is the answer. You should deep condition your hair once a week to get instant results. While a single deep conditioning treatment won’t repair damaged hair, it will definitely help disguise the signs of damage by hydrating and deeply moisturizing strands to make them plumper and softer.

Use Nourishing Natural Hair Oils to Promote Growth

Another simple method to repair hair damage is applying a little oil to your weakened strands a few times each week. Most natural oils will work.

Apply Hair Mask at Least Twice a Week

Though homemade masks are a good choice, they can be time-consuming. Alternatively, drugstore masks from a good brand can be equally effective. Do your hair a favor and leave it on overnight (with a plastic wrap turban). Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the mask evenly through your hair, with a little extra on areas that are the most brittle or weak.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Long-term exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun can lead to damaged hair, fading color, and split ends. To protect your hair and prevent damage, apply hair products with sunscreen and wear hats whenever you’re out in the sun.

Tread Carefully with Heat

Heat damage will leave your hair weakened, dry, and frizzy. Hot tools are one of the most common sources of hair damage, so minimize using your curling iron or flat iron and hair dryers.

Buy a Microfiber Hair Towel

Microfiber hair towels can be super-kind to your hair. The minute you step out of the shower, wrap your hair in one of these towels. It absorbs excess water like a sponge, while ordinary towels rough up the hair’s cuticle, causing the shingle-like coating of the hair shafts to lift instead of lying flat, encouraging breakage and frizz.

Rinse with Cold Water

This is a game-changer! Rinsing with cold water locks in moisture from your conditioner. It increases shine, closes your hair’s cuticle, and forces the cuticle cells to lay down on each other and present a smooth, shiny appearance. It also reduces frizz, helps eliminate dandruff, and improves blood circulation to the scalp.

Adjust Your Hair Brushing Habits

Never brush your hair while it’s wet, switch to a broad bristle brush, and always detangle from the bottom.

Consider Hair Growth Supplements

If you notice clear signs of extensive hair damage, it’s best to talk to your doctor about taking hair growth supplements to repair some of that damage.

Learning how to fix damaged hair is only the first step to achieving strong, healthy, resilient hair. At Splash Salon Aveda, we have a team of highly experienced and skilled hair experts who provide the best hair treatment for all stages and types of hair loss. Contact us today!

Note: This is not intended as medical advice. If you think you have a serious/underlying medical condition, please consult a medical doctor or physician for correct treatment.