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Are you looking for a more dramatic hair color? One of the hottest trends we’re giving our clients right now is shadow roots.
The shadow root technique is often seen in combination with an ombre effect, or balayage highlights, contrasting dark roots with lighter hair. It can be combined with a number of looks and techniques to create stunning effects.

The stylists here at Splash Salon can help you select the perfect all-over shade that will pop with your skin tone and then find a sharp contrasting shade for your roots.

Prefer a more low-maintenance style for your hair? By doing a more natural shadow root look, you can minimize upkeep and touch-ups.


Customize Your Color

One of our favorite aspects of this trend is its wide range of customization. It can be made to look as natural or dramatic as you like. Whether you choose to combine different shades of the same color (think light blonde hair vs. sandy blonde roots, or dark brown roots with lighter brown hair), or go for extreme contrast by using multiple bright or unnatural shades.

If you’re looking for a cutting edge trend to set your hair apart from the crowd and don’t want another overall color that will keep growing out in a defined line, come on in and talk with your stylist about getting shadow roots!

One of its most popular uses is to help blondes grow their color out more subtly than with standard highlights or ombre looks. Depending on how close to the scalp we start the color, you can get quite a variegated look as your hair grows out, oftentimes obscuring the color line. That also allows for less frequent touch ups, if you prefer lower maintenance locks.

Or, for something totally different, try adding that color you’ve never been quite ready to get all over to just your roots. Violet shadow roots with silver-grey hair? Yes, please!

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