Aveda Daily Light Guard Defense

Daily Light Guard Defense Aveda hair product

When you are looking for anti-aging protection for your skin, you want something sheer and weightless but still effective. Keeping your beautiful skin youthful requires a product that fights off the damaging rays of the sun and pollution or chemicals you might come in contact with. The perfect product to meet all these needs is Daily Light Guard Defense.

The sunscreens in this advanced product are derived 100% from minerals – zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Your sunscreen should protect you from both UVA and UVB rays – UVA ages your skin and UVB gives you sunburn. In our Daily Light Guard Defense, zinc oxide and titanium oxide protect from both UVA and UVB plus help this product glide on smoothly.

Zinc has the added benefit of assisting the body as it repairs any damage from bacteria, viruses, or pollution. Zinc oxide also improves a variety of conditions including large pores, acne, psoriasis and aging triggered by exposure to light. Titanium oxide has long been used to protect the skin from sun damage.

One very special ingredient in our daytime formula is kukui seed oil. This oil comes from the nut of a tree that is native to Polynesia but which has thrived in its new home, the Hawaiian Islands. For hundreds of years, this nut and its oil have been used in cooking, cosmetics and as a protectant from sun and water damage. Now its benefits are available to you in Daily Light Guard Defense.

Daily Guard Light Defense has been carefully tested for irritants or allergens by a dermatologist and will not aggravate acne. It offers benefits to all skin types. No petroleum minerals were used in creating Daily Guard Light Defense and 74% of all ingredients were naturally derived so this cream can both smooth and soothe your skin.

Use Daily Light Guard Defense after cleansing your face each morning, before applying makeup and after using a toner. Don’t overlook moisturizing your neck which also craves moisture.

If you have any questions about this fine product, call us at 386.256.1947 or email us at info@splashsalonfl.com. We look forward to hearing from you.



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